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Modelling and optimization, dedicated to the development and application of mathematical models and computational methods (mathematical programming, heuristics, metaheuristics, statistical learning machines, stochastic processes, queuing theory, stochastic simulation, logic and fuzzy mathematics, multicriteria methods, structuring problems, cognitive maps, graph theory, spectral graph theory, matrix theory in combinatorics) to problems inherent to organizations and businesses, particularly in the areas of oil, health, energy, mathematical economics, risk analysis, location of activities, and organization of the economic space.

Organizational Strategy, dedicated to studies on corporate Strategy, public policy modelling and transport, road, rail, sea and air management, environmental assessment, demand and organization of terminal space, planning and operations and supply chain management, product and service distribution, production planning and control, optimal inventory management, and the ergonomics of complex technological systems.

Sustainable Development, dedicated to understanding and modelling production restructuring processes, making operational, environmental and social criteria compatible, covering the following areas of interest: design and management of sustainable production systems, development of sustainable products according to life cycle analysis, finance and carbon markets, innovation strategies, marine production systems, computational biology.